Brainteck works relentlessly on developing new method to provide online users with solutions to problems they have been facing for years, without them knowing.

Inbxx the search engine is equipped with special options and features that will make the online user’s job easier.

All these features are placed in inbxx search engine to help online researches organize their search patterns with maximum speed and efficiency.

All these options are registered as patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO, below are 5 of many other patents soon to come.

Patent Application Number : US 29/479,102

Patent Application Number : US 29/479,103

Patent Application Number : US 29/479,104

Patent Application Number : US 61/926,343

Patent Application Number : US 61/454,640

Inbxx search engine is optimized for the best user behavior online, with an emphasis on speed efficiency and organization on all types of research.

Inbxx will strive and succeed with your help, we aim for constant manifestation and upgrades to stay connected with the needs of all users.